SINCE 1975

AldiImarco projects

20x40cmx1,5 cm
Floor in mortar
Tile type:

About the project

ALDI is one of the largest retail operators in Europe, with around 500 branch locations in the Netherlands. The principle of “High Quality - Low Price” is an inextricable part of ALDI's identity.

“Plenty of room for feet and wheels”

High Quality - Low Price

The principle is leading in everything

That same principle has made them extremely successful in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain and, of course, in the Netherlands as well since 1973 The principle is more than a successful marketing slogan. It informs everything, from the internal cooperation to the relationships with our suppliers and trading partners. Imarco has been installing ceramic floor tiles in ALDI’s stores for years, specifically the Günther type with dimensions of 20x40x1.5 cm.