SINCE 1975

Delhaize Fort JacoImarco projects

Flooring in fresh screed
Tile type:
Ceramic, Casalgrande Lion dark, 45x45 in 12 mm thick

About the project

Delhaize was founded by Jules Delhaize and his brothers in Ransart (near Charleroi) in 1867. In 1957, Delhaize opened Europe’s first supermarket to feature full self-service in Ixelles. Parent company the Delhaize Group has been active in the USA and Asia since the 1970s. In 2016, the Delhaize Group and Koninklijke Ahold NV were merged to form Ahold Delhaize. Delhaize was the first party to introduce mainland Europe to the convenience of self-service, inspired by what the Delhaize brothers saw in the USA in the 1950s.

“IMARCO's tiling here showed true craftsmanship!”

Laying tiles in fresh screed is an art form

IMARCO is capable of laying in excess of 1,000 m2 of tiled floor a day

Supermarket chain Delhaize gets its floors tiled by IMARCO. Occasionally, IMARCO has to revert to good old-fashioned craftsmanship, as was the case at Delhaize Fort-Jaco in Uccle. There, the old tiles had already been removed from the shop floor, and it was decided that the new tiles would be laid in the fresh screed. A great, traditional way of laying tiles. The benefit is not having to first lay screed (which will need to dry), meaning no waiting time and no adhesive are required. Laying tiles straight into the screed is a quick process, but it does call for a high degree of precision. It is stronger with less strain and cheaper than applying adhesive separately on screed.

The 2,140 m2 of tiles were installed in 5 days, including pouring the cement floor. An additional challenge entailed working in the busy town centre, as the circumstances did not allow for a screed lorry operating right in front of the store. IMARCO solved this problem by putting a silo on the doorstep, with minimal disruption to traffic.