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Floor area:
1153 m2 floor tiling
floor in mortar
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About the project

The Plus supermarket chain values its visual appeal highly, which must be identical in all stores.

“Imarco gave Plus much more than just a floor”

The corporate style

Every store is different

From very early on, Imarco has been closely involved in maintaining the corporate style, delivering the desired type of ceramic tiles for every Plus supermarket. This not only involves the proper colour and size, but also the required pressure resistance. Of course, we also ensure that, when any changes or renovation take place in a store, the tiles are laid exactly according to the corporate style.

Amsterdam-Noord supermarket

Thermal and sound insulation in one

A new Plus supermarket in Amsterdam-Noord involved 1800 m2 of tiling. A noteworthy fact is that the store was in a new building, with below it a car park and above it flats, so it was very important to have good thermal and sound insulation. Generally speaking, supermarkets are heated by an underfloor heating system, which is in part fed by the residual heat of the refrigeration equipment. A car park below you means there is a tremendous thermal bridge – a cold bridge. To deal with this effectively, we first applied a layer of EPS (Airpop) to the bare concrete floor, and the heating engineers then installed the underfloor heating.
To muffle contact sound, our tiling teams then laid a 7 mm thick layer of Recanor to improve the general acoustics. This was covered in mortar to lay the ceramic tiles in. The result was a wonderful high-tech floor that did not lose heat to the car park below. The sound insulation was more than sufficient to guarantee tranquillity for the residents in the flats above the supermarket. The entire floor layer is highly pressure resistant at 10 kg/m.