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About the project

Last year, the only independent supermarket chain in the northern Netherlands, Poiesz, decided to launch a new supermarket formula. This will involve Imarco replacing the floors in 75 of their supermarkets in the coming years.

“Imarco really developed a floor that suits us”

Old-fashioned quality with modern appeal

Meeting the request

The Poiesz supermarket chain started in 1923 in Sneek, which is why the first new-look supermarket will be unveiled there. Poiesz stands for old-fashioned quality with modern appeal, and this needed to be reflected in the flooring. So Imarco developed a modern ceramic tile especially for Poiesz, which combined an ultramodern appearance with specifications meeting all design requirements.
Poiesz wanted a decorous tile that would be slightly more elegant than a standard ceramic product, yet also give a nod to the days where a very stylish shop floor could only be in composite marble. The flooring also had to have a more tranquil appearance than the ones currently found in Poiesz supermarkets. Of course, Poiesz also desired high usage and maintenance value, and it had to meet the highest safety standards regarding floor slip resistance. In addition, Poiesz wanted tiles that were durable enough to withstand heavy shopping traffic and the use of cage trolleys.

Letting go of old habits

A custom-made floor

The Imarco design department managed to combine all requirements in a single new ceramic product. They developed a tile measuring 60x60 cm that involved fewer joints and thus had a more tranquil appearance. This also meant that Poiesz shed the current standard dimensions of 45x45 cm for supermarket floor tiling. The tile is coloured beige throughout, featuring countless minute flecks of the same colour in various degrees of muted intensity. The result is a modern composite marble pattern that has been translated to a ceramic tile with all the adherent advantages of the material.
Once the tile had been approved, Imarco commissioned its production by one of its standard suppliers. Poiesz can thus rest assured that there will always be sufficient supply while they are renovating their supermarkets, since this will be taking a number of years.

Stringent requirements

The conclusion

The larger dimensions mean that there are more stringent requirements regarding the subfloor. Imarco addressed this issue immediately. For the supermarket in Sneek, the decision was made to put in a new floor so the tile would rest in a new bed of cement mortar.
Martin Harkema, the Poiesz contact for Imarco, is very pleased with the result ‘Imarco developed the perfect floor for us’, according to the manager. Succinctly put.