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Porsche HeterenImarco projects

60x60cm, 30x30cm, 15x15cm
Floor area:
2040 m2 floor and 151 m2 wall tiling
floor in mortar
Tile type:

About the project

Porsche Centrum Gelderland has been a faithful customer for a decade now. Recently, this sports car dealership opened a new section of its building, and Imarco again supplied the flooring.

“The tile design by Imarco is a seamless fit with the Porsche corporate style'”

Luxury car lover

Showroom & workshop

This job involved a showroom and a workshop used exclusively for the classic air-cooled Porsche models. This was a major step, given that the new-build addition nearly doubled the size of the business. With this step, the dealer responded to increasing interest from a new group of people that loves classic Porsches with air-cooled boxer engines, such as used in legendary previous models including the Porsche 911 Targa.

Planning the tiling & Porsche corporate style

Lean planning

The new space, measuring 2400 m2, has been entirely finished by Imarco in Porsche corporate style, using special ceramic tiles. These tiles contribute greatly to the proper appeal as prescribed by the German head office. The tiles were designed in collaboration with Imarco. Their production in factories in Germany and Italy was also Imarco's responsibility. It should also be noted that this is the third time in a decade that Porsche Centrum Gelderland has expanded its premises, but not once did the business have to worry whether the new floor would blend in with the existing one. This was due to Imarco being able to deliver the exact same tiles each time, in the exact same colour and specifications.
The only aspect that needed adjusting was their size. Since Porsche of course constantly updates its corporate style, the newly prescribed dimensions differed from the ones of those previously used at Porsche Centrum Gelderland. In consultation with the architect, the Imarco design department found a solution. In the construction process, Imarco and the contractors involved made agreements according to the lean planning system to allow a smooth process.

Taking every detail into account

Tile & adhesive quality requirements

The tiles in the showroom and new workshop have been glued down. The showroom features anthracite tiles measuring 60x60 cm. The workshop sports a cream-yellow smaller version. Their composition is such that no post-treatment is needed, such as applying a coating. Imarco naturally made every effort to ensure the proper floor slip resistance and pressure resistance, while the floor is also entirely impermeable to liquids. Although a German precision-built Porsche will hardly ever leak in the showroom, spills in the workshop can of course occur during maintenance.