SINCE 1975

V&DImarco projects

60×60 cm, 25x150 cm, 30x60 cm, 45×90 cm, 15x60 cm, 59x59 cm, 75x75 cm
Floor area:
58,000 m² floor and some wall tiling
Special features:
the floor was completed during evenings and nights so the store could remain open

About the project

Even though V&D no longer exists, we are still proud to have been V&D's flooring supplier!

“A flagship store deserves a premium floor”


Collaborating with the Swiss architect

The V&D department store in Leiden was one of the chain's flagship stores. In 2014, the department store reopened as an 'idea house', featuring different themed experience areas on each of its four floors. In collaboration with the Swiss architect, Imarco saw to the 8000 m2 of tiled flooring in the listed building, which was completely renovated.
The ceramic tiles selected for the building did not only serve a decorative purpose. They also actively supported the routing and various themes, with the architect incorporating paths and various action areas in the floors. The floor of the La Place restaurant deserves special mention, a true highlight thanks to its many brilliant colours. All of the required tiles were delivered directly to Imarco via a manufacturer that the architect dealt with. It was then up to our tiling teams to assemble the entire puzzle according to the blueprints.

Somewhat complicated logistics

Optimum workflow

As a complicating factor, the store remained open to customers during renovation. This made the logistics somewhat complicated. At times, it was necessary for builders and shoppers to share spaces. Therefore, Imarco decided to outfit the tiling crews with neat workwear. Building supplies and construction waste were moved outside opening hours.
The amount of time involved also presented a challenge. The faster Imarco was able to finish parts of floors, the faster work on the rest of the space could be completed so shoppers could once again use it. Imarco solved this by drawing up good agreements and a tight schedule with the other construction companies. All work was designed so that tiling could take place on certain fixed days to achieve an optimum workflow. A gluing technique involving a very short time to harden was used, allowing the floor to be worked on again after 12 hours.
Imarco still sees V&D Leiden as an excellent example of how a colourful and very creative ceramic tile floor can contribute to an outstanding total concept.