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Stern AmsterdamImarco projects

90x30 cm, 60x60 cm
Floor area:
3000m² flooring and 30m² wall tiling
floor in adhesive
Tile type:

About the project

Stern Groep is a service provider in the mobility sector with over 100 branches, involving 21 different automotive brands, and enjoys working with Imarco.

“An outstanding car deserves an outstanding floor”

Automotive sector flooring expertise

Showroom covering two floors

Stern Groep enjoys working with Imarco because of our great expertise regarding automotive flooring. At the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, we delivered 3000 m2 of flooring spread over two floors.
At this Mercedes-Benz dealer, passenger cars are displayed on the first floor. Of course, the atmosphere reflects the brand and is also closely dictated by the corporate style. However, the Stern Groep departments involved did arrange that a specifically adapted design could be used that also suited their corporate identity.

Divided in the showroom floor

Pressure resistance and chemical and oil resistance

In consultation with Stern Groep, our designers decided to create a divide in the car showroom floor by installing a feature resembling a catwalk: a long strip of elongated ceramic tiles measuring 90x30 cm with a woodgrain finish. The intense wenge colour further enhances the organic feel. On either side of this pathway, a stylishly understated anthracite ceramic tile measuring 60x60 cm was selected.
The same tile also appears on the ground floor where lightweight commercial vehicles are displayed. Both floors were laid in cement mortar that of course meets all of the more stringent standards that a showroom floor must meet regarding pressure resistance, as well as chemical and oil resistance.