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Schiphol one-xsImarco projects

30x30cm, 60x60cm, 100x50cm, 120x20cm
Floor and wall area:
50,000 m² of flooring and toilet buildings
floor in mortar
Tile type:

About the project 50,000 M² Tile work for Schiphol one-xs

In June 2018, Schiphol implemented the ONE XS project, where passengers use central security filters instead of the current local security controls at the gates.

“Our guests walk a total of 5 million km over our floors annually”

Travel & airport comfort


Project ONE XS is needed to increase passenger comfort while travelling and during their stay at the airport, as well as to increase efficiency, while enabling continued compliance with European legislation in future. Imarco installed the 50,000 m2 of ceramic tile flooring in the new ONE XS departure hall.
Despite the size of the job, the tiling was not the main issue. The challenge had more to do with the special circumstances working at an international airport involves.
In the first place, the work took place both in the secure zone and outside it. Passenger processing also had to continue during the renovation work. This had consequences for such things as reaching the work location and the entire project logistics. In addition, security measures were very strict. Of course, all of the Imarco employees involved had to be screened by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). Luckily, Imarco has experience in working in secure areas, so the required paperwork was not a problem.

Tight time frame

The logistics aspect

The logistics aspect of the job was at least as complicated as work for the tiling teams was. Construction materials can only be delivered at Schiphol according to a very tight time frame. This usually occurred at night or in the very early morning. Imarco's planning department solved this problem by having the tiling teams also work at those times (and during the weekend). Any other suppliers also had to deal with the Schiphol time frame.
'Such jobs require close cooperation between all parties involved', Imarco's project manager says looking back. 'In this case, besides Schiphol, these were the construction companies VolkerWessels, Strukton, Ballast Nedam and BAM. The tiles themselves were commissioned and supplied by the client, since Schiphol is having a bespoke tile collection made in collaboration with Imarco. In this case, it concerned a special ceramic tile measuring 120x20 cm with a woodgrain pattern. That made the final result very special.' The project was divided into four sub-projects.