SINCE 1975

Intermarché NandrinImarco projects

Flooring in adhesive
Wall in adhesive
Tile type:
Ceramic, Imarco, colour Tundra, 60x60 in 14 mm thick
Metro, white, 10x20 and Minimal, Cacao, 25x38

About the project

Intermarché is a European supermarket chain with stores in nine different countries. In total, Intermarché has over 2,000 stores, more than 1,500 of which are in France. Belgium has 82 Intermarché stores, which are for the most part situated in Wallonia. Intermarché forms part of the French supermarket group les Mousquetaires founded in 1969.

“In addition to floor tiles, IMARCO installed wall tiles here too”

1,900 m2 of tiles were laid in two phases

IMARCO is capable of laying in excess of 1,000 m2 of tiled floor a day

Supermarket chain Intermarché gets IMARCO to do its tiling when renovating. This was also the case at its Nandrin store, where IMARCO not only laid 1,900 m2 of floor tiles but also got to demonstrate its expertise when it comes to wall tiling. A two-phase approach was adopted, with the first phase entailing 350 m2 of tiling being put in over the course of 1 day. The second phase saw 1,550 m2 of tiles being put in over the course of two days.

Adhesive was applied over existing flooring. Intermarché is pleased with IMARCO because the store was able to remain open throughout the tiling work. Given the high footfall in Intermarché’s supermarkets each day, this resulted in substantial savings in turnover.