SINCE 1975

Villa ArenAImarco projects

Floor in mortar
Tile type:
Ceramics & Marble

About the project

ArenA is home to many different stores selling furniture and home goods. The building is architecturally unique and consists of various floors, mezzanines and stairwells.

“The floor sets the tone in terms of style”

A distinctive character

Hard-wearing and easy to clean

Many consumers can be found here on weekdays, but also on Sunday shopping days. In addition to being wear-resistant and easy to clean, the floor in Villa ArenA also needed to be appropriate for all the different shops. The floor sets the tone in terms of style. Imarco installed a stone floor consisting of marble and granite in Villa ArenA. Thanks to its highly distinctive nature and interesting curved lines of sight, the floor promotes and supports the shopping public's efforts to form ideas for the interior of their choice.