SINCE 1975

Imarco provides ease of mind

As a leading specialist, Imarco is able to provide all the information you require, advising on all the available options for the flooring in your newbuild or renovation project. We specialise in providing custom solutions for large floor areas, including laying in mortar. From advice to completion, we provide a comprehensive package, only stopping when the floor is ready for use.

“From advice to completion”

When time is of the essence

Is time a major factor in your project? Our project planners ensure that preparations and flooring installation are always seamlessly incorporated in the construction logistics of your project. You will have a single project partner at Imarco, who will implement any necessary logistical changes. For example, if required, we can install flooring during night-time or at weekends. Thanks to a unique bonding method, we are even able to install tiled flooring that can accommodate pallet jacks within 12 hours!

A perfect floor requires a perfect finish. Imarco also supplies stairs, skirting, wall tiling and dimension stone thresholds. Our aftersales department is always at your service.

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