SINCE 1975


Whether we are managing the project ourselves or in partnership with your architect or contractor, the project supervision we provide will be spotless. The Imarco planning department is extremely efficient. From cost estimate to project preparation, implementation and finishing, at Imarco we meet the agreements we have made with you.

“Project supervision”

Adviser or knowledge partner

Imarco is happy to consult with your architect or property developer. This gives us an advantage in every project, for example in renovation projects with existing flooring, or in retail chain projects where both uniformity and logistics are of the essence. 


Imarco supplies flooring across Europe and far beyond. Local projects benefit directly from contacts who speak the language and are acquainted with local customs. Imarco makes every effort to fully comply with complex European legislation and local regulations. This avoids nasty surprises later. Of course, all of our tilers meet all VCA requirements.

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