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Schiphol one-xsAirport

30x30cm, 60x60cm, 100x50cm, 120x20cm
Floor and wall area:
50,000 m² of flooring and toilet buildings
floor in mortar
Tile type:
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Imarco Projects

Inspiration for every projectOUR PROJECTS

Every new project at Imarco is seen as an opportunity to prove our value once again. Whether it's a ceramic tile floor, a deluxe marble composite floor or a stately floor laid in a supermarket, shop, showroom, shopping centre or departure hall, they all inspire us. We are driven to find the ultimate solution together with our customers. Imarco can serve as contractor for the entire flooring project or partner with your contractor. Whatever way you choose, you can always fully rely on our professional stance.
Early on, when advising you as commissioning party, we like to show how your flooring can meet your requirements as fully as possible. We look forward to discussing with your architect how the best result can be achieved within the mechanical demands.

Non-residential construction

At home and abroad, Imarco has been a major force in non-residential construction for years, working on airports, public buildings and industrial projects. A special project always requires a specialist.

Schiphol | Rai Amsterdam


Imarco does a lot of work for retail chains and supermarkets. We have a great deal of know-how related to floors that, in addition to meeting very specific requirements, also need to be in keeping with a chain's corporate style. Our studio will often design a tile which we then produce in-house.

ACTION | Carrefour | V&D Leiden | Poiesz Sneek | ICI Paris | Plus Supermarkets | Boni Supermarket | C&A | Carrefour | EMTE | Forever 21 | H&M | Boni Supermarket | C&A | EMTE | Kruidvat | Leen Bakker | makro | Nettorama | PLUS | PIOESZ Supermarkets | POUR VOUS | Trekpleister | Van Wijnen | VolkerWessels |


Imarco is a well-known partner in the automotive sector. We provide flooring in showrooms and workshops for various brands. Our extensive knowledge on technical specifications and the possibility to have special tiles designed in-house are highly appreciated in this market.

Porsche Heteren | Stern Amsterdam | Audi | BMW | Citroén | Ford | Mercedes-Benz | Opel | Peugot | Renault | Volkswagen | Volvo | Wibra | Zeeman